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Friday, May 7, 2010

Our First Week.

And what a week it was! Things have started off really well. In particular the kids are really enjoying school which for me is a huge relief. Christopher in particular can't wait to get there every day to see what new and exciting things the day has in store. Yesterday they both had music with "Charlie" coming in to play his guitar and sing with them which they both enjoyed. Quiddy has swimming today which he had been "patiently" waiting for all week so he is super excited. Scarlett has "Blue Day". The whole class will not wear uniform and wear blue clothes instead and bring a blue toy if they wish. Popped out with John yesterday and picked up a little blue dress for her for 70,000VND which is about $4. Lets just say we are both pretty happy with that one! They seem to have made new friends quite easily. The only problem is these kids are from far flung places around the globe quite often with names that we struggle to pronounce and remember. Thank God one of Q's friends is a little boy called John! I can mange that one! We even had a little play date yesterday with some friends on the 14th floor. The kids went nuts to be able to play with some toys again as our consignment is yet to arrive. It was really lovely to be able to just open the door, hop in the lift and....we were there! Leo and Tom are twin boys born 3 days after Scarlett and they all played beautifully! They start school with us in August when the new school year starts so it will be nice for them all to be friends already.
Started back into the fitness regime yesterday and hit the gym after dropping off the kids. Took it easy as still not 100% but it felt good to be back. Then out for a spot of shopping with John Oi who showed me his "locals" for things like tailors, DVD's, jewellery etc as well as stopping for the obligatory manicure/pedicure. The shopping, as in Cambodia, seems a bit hit and miss and you have to hunt around a bit for the real stuff or the really good quality fakes but the prices are good and I can see a lot of damage being done!
Quyen. What can I say. She has fitted in like a dream. She is like a little Pixie with a smile on her face all day and she flits about the place and actually skips and flits her hands about in excitement. She is truly lovely! She has jumped into the task with gusto. Without any direction at all she has gone right through our clothes and folded them in a way that would do Marks and Spencer proud. Even our undies are lined up like little soldiers in the drawer. Seriously, I'm gunna have to take a photo because you would not believe it! So far we have had some beautiful meals including a chicken curry, spring rolls and lasagne, all dished up with a smile for us to sit and eat together at 5.30pm. She cuts fruit for me to leave in the fridge for breakfast and she have even done some rice paper rolls for me with a hoisin dipping sauce for lunch today. I have been taking her with me to do the school pick up every day just to get her really used to how it is done. Eventually that is something I will get her to do from time to time and practice makes perfect! Nick and I have our first "date night" tonight so it is the first time that she will be putting them to bed and baby sitting after hours. Even though I know she is more than competent I m still a little nervous. Will spend more time with her today going through things just to be sure. The kids love her (Quiddy told her so yesterday!) so no problems there. Not bad considering she only started on Tuesday!
So there are some highlights from week one. So much more has happened but I will stop there as you all need to get back to work! Will try to post more regularly, it's just been so busy! Hope you are all well and those of you not on FB feel free to email on the hotmail address. Will send an email soon with our new phone numbers and addresses. I hear some little munchkins sneaking down the stairs. 0630....not too bad. Have a great day everyone! X

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