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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Pays To Be Organised.

People may scoff at my slight OCD when it comes to certain things. Well chortle away but I reckon I'm on a winner here. I hate wrapping presents. I mean really really hate it. Not my thing at all. Probably because I am crap at it. Nick is the master. Nick is not here. So, I have spent the last hour and a half wrapping 8 small presents for the kids. Why I hear you ask...have they been that good? Well, no, not really. I have a cunning plan. 8 pink and 8 blue presents...8 hours on a plane. You do the math. Yes it is bribery but for those of you who have endured the icey stares of your fellow passengers, the looks of utter dismay as you sit in the row in front of them, the rushed trip to the foul toilet just so you could take the little buggers where their screaming tantrum is muffled, you my friend, you know exactly where I am coming from. I have carefully planned out each present and they range from DVD's (just invested in a new whizz bang portable player with 7 hours battery life, damn you Vietnam airlines for not having individual screens in the seat backs!), to books, play doh, activity packs and yes, even a few lollies. Normally I would not bother and just go the Phenergan option but for the first time we are doing a day flight. How do you make God laugh? "Tell him your plans", they say. He is probably pissing himself right now saying "Uh Uh...don't think so". Oh well. You have got to give it a go. If all else fails i'll be ok as long as my call bell is working. "Excuse me....2 more Gin and Tonics thanks...oh...and do you have any ear plugs?"

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  1. Hang the wrapping ineptitude... at least you're very very smart!!!


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