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Thursday, March 25, 2010

When does the fun start?

As you can imagine have been a busy little bee over the last week. Things are slowly getting back on track after the "Great flood of 2010" and both the kids having been though a bout of something nasty (and messy!). Finally got to send the insurance quote off yesterday so we shall see what games they want to play with us. Maybe I should direct them to the poor manager of a certain lingerie shop in Puckle St for tips on handling the stressed crazy woman....better still....just PAY ME!
Starting to work on all of the little things like utilities cancellations and have also started showing people through the house. This has actually been quite painful. It was not really something that I had considered. Am trying to keep it clean so when the Estate Agent rings up at a moments notice, she can bring someone through. The kids have other ideas and it's like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I finish cleaning one end and they destroy the other. I have someone coming to look at the car today. I had it detailed yesterday and it has come up beautifully. I actually hate to see it go. As far as cars go....I really like it. I also had my first Language class on Tuesday. The nun who is teaching me is lovely and seems to think I will have no problems. I just have to try and find the time to do my homework. Do you think she will believe me if I tell her the kids ate it?

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