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Monday, March 29, 2010

One Month to Go and Counting.

Well this time next month we will be at the airport and the next part of our adventure will have begun. Has the last month gone fast or slow? Hard to say. I get the feeling that this last month will go by very quickly. I obviously have been slightly pre-occupied hence me taking Christopher to Kinder this morning when the school holidays have already begun. Those who know me know that doing something like that is totally out of character. It was quite funny though and I was temped to leave him there anyway as he was behaving like a right little bugger this morning.

We are going into the city to have the last of our vaccinations at 12.00pm. The kids seem to have gotten used to the process but I could see their looks of relief when I explained that this was the last time and that after they were all done we could go and live in Vietnam. This made Scarlett in particular quite happy as all she wants to do is see daddy and swim in the pool! They are getting the nasty TB one today which will eventually scab up and leave a scar. I hate the thought of taking them to do something that is going to scar them forever. It is better than the alternative I suppose.

We are all counting down the days until Thursday and daddy arrives home. Mummy is sick of being outnumbered! I need backup! Having said that, the kids have been great but no doubt have all sorts of mischief planned to make daddy pay for his absence. I'm sure Nick won't mind. He'll just be happy to be here.

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