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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Not So Perfect Storm!

Rain Rain Go F*&# Off!
As you can see from the above pictures we did not exactly escape unscathed from Melbourne's freak storm yesterday afternoon. It was big...and I mean BIG. I had just put the kids (and me....shhh) down for a little nanna nap when all hell broke loose. I was trying to not make a big deal of it for Quiddy so he would not get scared. Quotes like "wow....what a wonderful storm, won't the trees be happy to have a drink". Meanwhile, the hail was so loud I could not hear Scarlett screaming in the next room. When I did hear eventually and went in the dear little thing had the covers pulled over her head, hysterical! With so much going on I did not think too much about the consequences when we lost power. Hindsght is a wonderful thing. Basically the pump in the garage was not pumping out the water. When my wonderful neighbour text me asking if I was ok I just said "yes". He then came over to tell me that the bins were floating down the street faster than Thorpy. I looked down and my heart sank. The whole garage was knee deep in water. The Motorbike, the treadmill, the pram, the kids bikes...the lot. We immediately did our best to get the bike out of the garage in the pouring rain. Thank God for my wonderful knights in shining armour who helped to get the power back on and the pump running again. (Pete, Damien and Craig, I cannot thank you enough).
The wrap up of events is thus: Bike appears to be OK. Got it running today and after spurting some water from the exhaust it appears none got into the motor. Treadmill....screwed....pram...stuffed....various various powerless tools....contents insured! And that is what it is all about isn't it? We are all safe and these things can be replaced. As discussed with 4 of my wonderful girlfriends who came over last night, one of whoms house is like a lake; if God gives you lemons you just gotta make lemonade....then put a double shot of Vodka in it and a slice of lime! (repeat as necessary)
So as I type it is again raining and raining and raining. All I want to do is go to sleep but it is like looking after a sick child. I am running outside in the pissing rain to check that the pump is working! So far so good. Now where did I put that Vodka?


  1. Holy craporama. You really needed this, didn't you???(!)

    I hope you made Nick totally aware that it's because HE'S NOT HERE that this happened.

    How's the vodka supply and how to you say commiserations in Russian?



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